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Keto Coco Ice Cream


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Keto Coco Ice Cream

Jayce Love-Attard

I brought you Keto balls, now I bring you another high fat alternative to your not so healthy treats – Keto Ice cream. This one is even easier than the Keto Balls and I suppose is more of a post dinner alternative to the usual sugar laden tub you would reach for before you made the conscious choice to go high fat. This might be an acquired taste to some but one thing I have noticed about a transition to a very low sugar diet is that when you do experience a sugary food again after abstaining from it for a while, its obvious the taste buds have made some serious adjustments.

The Mix
-       I x 400ml can coconut cream
-       1 teaspoon Bulletproof vanilla max
-       2 teaspoons vanilla essence
-       1 tablespoon Bulletproof Brain Octane oil
-       ½ cup dessicated coconut
-       1 teaspoon stevia (if needed, I don’t use this)

The Creation
-       Put all ingredients into a blender and blitz for 20 seconds
-       Set in freezer over night.
-       Enjoy with some full fat cream (Barambah Organics is my favourite) and cinnamon.

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