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Bulletproof in Bali


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Bulletproof in Bali

Jayce Love-Attard

I’m all for letting the hair down. But I also enjoy being able to go away on a holiday and not return with a few spare tyres, a fried brain and to feel like your starting again when it comes to all your health and wellness gains. Some places are harder than others to be able to maintain the usual munching habits we are able to have with such availability of food choice. In Bali, although it might seem like there’s endless places to eat, actual quality food places are few and far between. But if you look hard enough, and endure a few bouts of Bali belly exploring the options, the good fatty food is out there in all its fatty goodness. I also made it a little mission of mine whilst I was in Bali to not give up one of my favourite morning rituals – Bulletproof Coffee. So to save you the hunt, next time you’re in and amongst the Bali hustle, here’s a few diamonds amongst the Nasi Goreng rough:

- Canggu

Veda Café

This was my all time favourite. Not only did they serve an outstanding Bulletproof Coffee, but this organic cafe also had an epic menu that could satisfy the ketogenic monster in me. Not to be left out is their Blueberry Cheesecake (not that healthy, but still made using banana flour and organic ingredients), I think I averaged about one a day while in the Gu (as the cool kids call it). They also have on the menu an endless range of healthy shot mixes like Jamu, Activated Charcoal, Turmeric Tonic and some other exotic mixes. This place is 10/10 sticks of butter.


Atman Cafe

Although I left Ubud a few days early because it’s basically a slightly more sleepy version of Kuta, I managed to find a good café that does a decent Bulletproof called Atman. Sit on the Morrocan style tables and count how many times you hear “Transport?” in the time you can down the fatty brew.


The Coffee Library

No food worth noting here, but they did do a decent fatty brew, that is, once I tasted the first coffee and had to explain the process of making it and got a second one that was a bit more on point. Another point worth noting is don’t be scared to ask to see the butter they use, if you’re a butter snob like me, which is what I did here. They use Anchor butter if you’re wondering, not bad. Be sure to say you want it with no milk otherwise you will get a weird combo of milky Bulletproof.


Bukit Cafe

I knew it would be a mission to track down Bulletproof brews in Uluwatu being a bit more chilled out and less options for cafes and restaurants. But, this place was still a winner. It’s not on the menu but I asked the staff to blend me up a long black coffee with coconut oil and there best butter and it was just as good as any other Bali Bulletproof. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Failing these places, you could also go pick up a packet of the local Coffee Luwak, which is also called Cat Poo Coffee, grab a stick of butter, a container of coconut oil and whip up a poor mans Bulletproof until your disaster pants are content. I usually just take a cheeky travel kit of everything I need to whip one up wherever I go. Find it all here!