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With endless information at our fingertips, it is easier to make educated, informed choices on what benefits our optimal existence. All resources and products here come highly recommended, researched and used personally.


Average coffee never stood a chance. Choose your blend of brain boosting, healing mushrooms in a take anywhere sachet. None of the jitters of regular coffee with powerful nootropic and immune boosting qualities.

Peform better, think faster and live better by using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, backed by our customers, top athletes and medical professionals.

Ancient foods for a Modern Generation. Powered by thousands of years of history and backed by modern science, the products include primal snacks and other nutrition essentials.


The latest wearable technology for the quantified self with its very own user friendly app. Capture snapshots of sleep patterns, movement quality, heart rate variability and readiness to train. USE CODE: holistic for 10%

My favourite sleep elixir with organic Reishi mushroom extract. Such a simple way to wind down for sleep with qualities that benefit hormonal regulation and lowering of cortisol.

If you have trouble sleeping, this supplement is for you. An effective combination of Mag glycinate, 5-HTP, Valerian Root, Zinc and Huperzine that will rock you to sleep. USE CODE: holistic10 for 10%

Lay on it, stand on it barefoot, however you choose. I use this ancient acupressure technique to improve blood flow and stimulate hormones that are conducive to better sleep. 10 minutes before bed does it.

A simple downloadable software that allows you to control your blue light exposure from you device screen. Increase your productivity and sleep simultaneously.

These are a trendy and simple way to combat poor light intake particularly after sunset ours, through use of smart phones and laptops that significantly effect your sleep quality. Wear them while you work!

Brain hacks & NOOTROPICS

This supplement is all about promoting quality mitochondria, which are your energy powerhouses that produce ATP required for optimal functioning. Combining CoQ10 and Active PQQ to flick your "ON" switch.

Leveraging the power of natural herbs to support several cognitive functions and maintain peak mental performance. Improve concentration, reduce mental fatigue and de-stress. USE CODE: holistic5 for 5%

The healthiest blend of fats, greens and grass fed collagen protein to fuel body and mind. Doctor developed, lab tested and personally tested to produce extreme brain output. USE CODE: holistic10 for 10%


Journalling is one of the most highly effective practices used by the most successful people in the world. I have found putting pen to paper invaluable in getting more out of my day and being uber productive and anxiety free.

In a nutshell, this is where the majority of my most utilised training equipment comes from resistance bands to mobility balls. Simple and quality. USE CODE: WOD10SALE for 10%

Do you have a body? Does it move well? The guru provides a hub for the latest in gymnastics, calisthenics, mobility and slacklining knowledge for you to pick. Subscribe now to get 30 Days Free Movement Program.

The minimalists approach to footwear. Some call them Jesus sandals, I call them the best thing since sliced bread. A great alternative to the hardcore barefoot bandit while still feeling like wearing nothing.

This program is specifically designed at animal locomotion practice which is the way we are designed to move. Would you like greater freedom of movement and painfree flow? Try the Animal Flow programming


Only three ingredients: organic apple cider vinegar, organic grass fed beef bones and filtered water. 24 hour extracted for valuable mineral, vitamins, collagen and amino acids.

This is something that has been around for centuries and is only recently being made legal. The far reaching benefits that hemp products are being attributed and recognised for is real and happening now. Interested to see how it can change your life?

8 probiotic strains and 6 billion good bacteria per serve. With ginger, black pepper and turmeric, this is a simple nutrition hack I add to salads, dressings and my morning fluids.

Certified paleo, gluten free, Whole30 approved, non-gmo jerky. I have found that most jerky is filled with sugar and grain based fillers or too much sodium. These are 100% grass fed beef or venison, sustainably sourced meat and taste is sensational. 

Promotes the rapid reproduction of blood cells for healing and conditioning over other proteins especially for bone and joint health care. I find this also rapidly heals any skin and gut issues I've had.

This is my go to website for most of the supplements, powders, teas, elixirs and cooking essentials. Just about the best priced online health product hub around.

You will get a chilled 5% off when you click through here.